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Story of Lucas Helps Dogs


‘Lucas Helps Dogs’ is a small charity ( 1193352) founded in 2019 by Alena Warburton to help stray dogs in Sri Lanka. 

After visiting Sri Lanka in 2019 I realized how bad the situation is there, I decided to start this charity. 

I returned back to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks in October 2019 to volunteer at Dog Care Clinic e.v. and also visit some other dog shelters to see where the funds would go. 

I have also started to make custom made dog collars, leashes, human bracelets and key chains to raise funds. All proceeds from sale go directly to help Sri Lankan dogs.

Later I have been joined by other like minded charity trustees and we started this wonderful journey to help Sri Lankan Street dogs. 

Who is Lucas ?

Lucas was my rescue dog. I adopted him when he was 18 months old and already completely blind. 

He was the biggest fighter I knew. in 2018 he was diagnosed with pituitary brain tumor, and was given 6 month to live. He was fighting strong by my side for over 2,5 years. He overcame so many other issues (gallbladder stones, benign tumour on his bottom, he had diabetes, and  another tumour on his bottom and spleen) But...he was a happy dog, he loved to eat, sleep and cuddle. He was so resilient and he inspired me every day. He showed me that everything is possible and if you want to , you can overcome anything in life. This charity is dedicated to Lucas to keep his memory alive. 

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