What we do



By making grants to charities already established in Sri Lanka, Lucas Helps Dogs supports those places and helps them to continue their work. 

We have recently started monthly spay&neuter programme with other charity and we aim to sterilise 50 dogs every months. 
Only consistent neutering programmes help reduce the number of dogs, mass vaccinations help reduce diseases and minimise the risk of rabies. 
We help to promote animal welfare and work extensively with the local communities.



One of our missions is to make a change. So we regularly go to Sri Lanka to volunteer and work with dogs. It is the best experience and we have gained so much knowledge by doing so.

Donations of collars


It is still quite unusual for Sri Lankan people to use dog collars. Lots of them use wires, chains, cables, ropes, even barbered wire. You see lots of dogs with terrible wounds from those 'collars' sometimes wires ingrown deep into their tissues. So we started to donate nicely fitting collars to local dog owners to protect their pets from the terrible fate.

Welfare educational project


With this initiative, our goal is to promote animal welfare amongst local people. 
By starting our own education programme working with hotels in Sri Lanka, Lucas Helps Dogs will benefit people by educating them in animal welfare and helping them set up their own foundations and teaching them how to raise money for a neutering and vaccination programme for dogs (which will further benefit the animals in Sri Lanka).