Lucas Helps Dogs

Charity Helping Street dogs of Sri Lanka


Situation in Sri Lanka

A dog’s life is not easy in Sri Lanka.

There are approximately 5 million street dogs in Sri Lanka.

Even though you could say the dogs love their freedom and being a street dog is a way of life for them, they do face lots of dangers and issues.


They are mostly seen as pests by many locals and are seriously mistreated, ignored and malnourished. They are shot, beaten or boiled to death, their paws or tails chopped off or intentionally run over by tuk tuks. With so many dogs, every day they are victims of road traffic accidents, dog fights and infectious diseases, they produce numerous litters of puppies every year which becomes a vicious circle. 

Unfortunately, there is a lack of veterinary care, food, water and safe place for them to sleep. 


The best way to help the street dogs is to educate the locals about animal welfare and CNVR – catch, neuter, vaccinate, release. 

How to help

Bringing Change

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Buy a collar


100% proceeds go directly to Sri Lankan dogs

You can buy a custom made collar, leash or bracelet. 
These can be fully customised in terms of colours, length and width .

Today I would like to introduce you to b

Every penny helps

By donating any amount you will feed dogs, vaccinate them, neuter them, make sure they are safe, help with educating local sri lankan people about animal welfare, pay for medicine and lots more...



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