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Providing Lifesaving Care for Disabled and Abused Animals

Updated: Apr 22

Our latest and very unexpected project involves taking over a small, privately run shelter with 30 dogs and 5 cats. The shelter is currently single-handedly run by a local man who started it during the pandemic. Most of the dogs are disabled, victims of road traffic accidents, or were brought in as poorly puppies. Unfortunately, none of the animals have been spayed or neutered or vaccinated, which has put their health and wellbeing at risk.

Lucas Helps Dogs initially promised to help with some vet bills, but it quickly transpired that more help was needed. As a result, we have committed to paying for all of the dogs to be castrated (2 have already been done), for their full vaccinations, and for new fencing around the shelter. In addition, all of the animals were rabies vaccinated last week, which is a critical step in protecting both the animals and the community.

However, the shelter faces additional challenges beyond veterinary care. The locals do not like having the shelter in the town, and they have threatened to poison the animals. As a result, the shelter must be moved outside the village to a different property. The new location is a jungle which needs significant work, with no running water or electricity. Building a new fence around the property will cost around £500, another £500 will be all preparation works and labour and spaying and neutering the animals will require another £1000.

We are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of the animals, but we need financial help to make it happen. In addition to financial support, we also need a wide range of supplies, including dog beds, blankets, bowls, medication, flea and tick treatment, durable toys, shampoos, and combs. Volunteers are also needed both in Sri Lanka to help clear out the land and in the UK to assist with fundraising events.

We are excited to invite your company to become a monthly sponsor of our charity. By joining us as a sponsor, your company will have the opportunity to make a significant and ongoing impact on the lives of these vulnerable animals.

As a thank you for your support, we will provide a link and logo to your company on our website, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility and animal welfare. With your help, we can continue to make a real difference in the lives of these deserving animals and create a brighter future for the Sri Lankan community.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us as a monthly sponsor and be proud to say that you are making a meaningful difference in the world. Thank you for your consideration and support.

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